Empower distributed marketing teams and franchises

Simplicity Campaign Portal is designed for organisations with distributed or hierarchical marketing teams such as business units, franchises, dealers or local entities. It is a configurable marketing tool that uses pre-defined campaign templates with restricted functions and a simplified workflow.

The Campaign Portal enables distributed marketing teams to adapt existing campaigns or create new campaigns targeting pre-approved recipients using pre-approved templates. You can configure the portal to your requirements, to find the right balance that empowers those in your organisation that best understand your customers, while retaining control of branding and contact frequency.

The Campaign Portal enables distributed marketing users to:

  • Independently execute Email, SMS, Direct Mail, and Data Export campaigns
  • Use restricted templates with editable and non-editable sections
  • Include pre-approved image assets and copy into campaign content
  • Upload recipient data directly into their own customer list
  • Select filter criteria to refine the target audience
  • Preview recipients and recipient counts per media channel
  • Schedule campaign deployment dates and times
  • What you see is what you get ultra easy editing of multi language templates




Key Benefits

  • Fast campaign processing. Empowered distributed users can execute campaigns on demand without support from the central marketing team.
  • Branding control. Pre-defined templates ensure consistent branding.
  • Visibility. Central marketing teams have better visibility of how users/franchises/dealers are communicating with customers.
  • Consolidated reporting. Central users can monitor the performance of all campaigns using a single tool.
  • Economies of scale. Organisations can achieve economies of scale to offer franchisees/dealers users a more cost efficient marketing tool.
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