Clean and accurate customer data

Simplicity offers data hygiene and enrichment tools to maximise the match rate of Match Rules and ensure the highest level of data quality.

  • Casing of name and address data
  • Salutation creation eg. Mr MacDonald
  • Address hygiene (available for Autralia and New Zealand using Harmony Hosted - the address hygiene tools developed by Simplicity)
  • Reformatted addresses based on postal delivery rules
  • Speed correction of data durininput
  • Rapid entry of valid addresses for both AUS and NZ
  • When combined with Simplicity Single View superior data matchinis assured

Enrich with geodemographic data

  • Refined accuracy of customer segmentation allowing greater targeting precision
  • Superior differentiation between segments when compared to other segmentation models
  • Provides a consistent framework to see your customers across your product mix and across time
  • Provides an integral part of an enterprise-wide customer segmentation solution
  • Find new prospects and market areas with characteristics similar to your company's most profitable customers
  • Identify under-performinconsumer segments that are likely high lifetime value customers
  • Track the changes in performance of critical customer segments over time with consistency
  • Recognise and understand customers that are 'at risk' of churning
  • Grow the value of existincustomer relationships by identifyincross-sell and up-sell opportunities
Australia - New Zealand