Campaign Management

Simplicity multi media multi lingual Campaign Management is a fully integrated platform enabling marketers to create, execute and measure multi-channel campaigns with a single application

Multiple channels. One platform.

Simplicity multi media multi lingual Campaign Management enables marketers to create and execute multi-channel campaigns using Email, Social Media, SMS, Surveys, Competitions, Dynamic PDF and Direct Mail in up to 9 different languages. 

Intuitive filtering and selection tools enable advanced segmentation, to support precise targeting, dynamic content and reporting by segment - using even the most complex targeting logic.

Ultra easy edit templates enable what you see is what you get campaign setup and execution by any person using the simple web Campaign Portal.

Smart response attribution rules ensure you can measure the impact of your campaigns, from initial engagement through to conversion, across any channel. With optimisation tools you can fine tune your campaigns to maximise the success of every campaign.


Why choose Simplicity Campaign Management?

Advanced Segmentation
Multi-dimensional selection and filtering tools enable advanced segmentation across multiple data sources.
Campaign Portal
Ultra easy to edit muilti lingual templates simplify marketing for any user to any target audience.  Simple marketing portal for distributed users to execute campaigns targeting pre-approved recipients using pre-approved easy to edit templates.
Create and execute powerful WeChat campaigns with audio, video, images, text and up to 10 articles.
Survey Engine
Simple and powerful survey tool for distributed users to create surveys and forms with the resultant data available to analyse and remarket to respondents.
Social Media Integration
Integrate social account data with customer profile data, track interactions with corporate / brand social accounts and pages, and make your content easy to share on social media.
Advanced Automated Email Marketing 
Setup automation, personalisation and dynamic content for specific segments. Preview campaigns to quickly find rendering issues across multiple devices. Optimise content with A/B testing and control groups.
Actionable Insight
Gain insights into campaign performance with powerful configurable charts and analytical tools. 
Use the workflow designer to build campaigns step-by-step with an intuitive visual user interface.
Vouchers, on pack codes and competitions
Track redemption printed coupons or voucher codes. Measure offline conversion rates. Moderate competition entries and select winners from lucky draws.

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