B2C CRM requirements

Mid to large B2C enterprises, consumer goods brands and other consumer centric companies find limited options when reviewing marketing database and CRM solutions. The Big 4 CRM providers cater for the B2B market primarily. A myriad of other second tier SaaS CRM providers are similarly best suited to B2B marketers or small business.

But when it comes to marketing, B2B and B2C companies are fundamentally different. B2C companies typically:

Big Loyalty Data: harnessing your greatest marketing asset

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Loyalty technology is developing at an ever accelerating pace. The rise of smartphones, cloud computing and big data have compounded to create exciting opportunities for loyalty programs. 

No surprise then that a flock of loyalty startups have surfaced, each with their own ... Read the full article

The hidden costs of loyalty - forecasting the true cost of your loyalty program

Before you launch a loyalty program, smart marketers will first seek to forecast ROI. This requires building a financial model that comprehensively accounts for the costs of a loyalty program. In our new whitepaper we break costs into components and discuss a step-by-step approach to building a cost model.

DIY or seek expertise?

Forecasting the cost of a loyalty program can get complex quickly, even for simple programs. ... Read the full article

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