Many of the world’s automotive manufacturers choose Simplicity Automotive – the CRM solution capable of providing the extreme service that extreme clients demand.

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Simplicity Automotive

Selling motor vehicles isn’t just about selling a customer their first car. It’s about setting up a lifetime of brand loyalty. And in the extreme, even a dynasty of brand loyalty. That’s why many of the world’s automotive manufacturers choose Simplicity Automotive for pre and post sales customer management.  Simplicity Automotive is the solution capable of providing the extreme service that extreme clients demand. 

Why choose Simplicity Automotive? 

The only difference is ‘hello’,‘bonjour’ or ‘ola’
Simplicity Automotive provides automotive manufacturers and dealer managers with a single view of the customer and their vehicle. That means wherever the customer and their vehicle are in the world, they’ll always find a familiar friend through the dealer management chain.
Providing both a drivers and vehicles-eye view
What’s more, Simplicity Automotive provides both a drivers and vehicles-eye view without the need to discard existing systems. That’s because Simplicity Automotive has been developed to seamlessly integrate with commonly used dealer management systems.
The idea of minding drivers on one platform isn’t new
Simplicity Automotive is a global platform utilised by automotive manufacturers worldwide – providing communications and relationship management solutions via a single platform to continually connect you with drivers and their vehicles. The result is that Simplicity Automotive has been implemented worldwide … in countries like UK, France and Germany … on the other side of the world in Asia… and of course, in Australia and New Zealand.
Now managing drivers in China
Simplicity Automotive is now managing communications and relationships with drivers throughout China. That’s because Simplicity Automotive is readily configurable by the user in any of 9 languages. So automotive manufacturers can choose to adopt the superior functionality of Simplicity Automotive, without language becoming a frustrating showstopper.
Around the world in 80 milliseconds
Simplicity Automotive also satisfies the major challenge confronting all global corporates … the issue of scalability. Simplcity Automotive operates effectively and efficiently whether it is implemented locally on a small dealer network, or whether it is used by global automotive manufacturers to connect and synchronise their dealer managers pannationally.

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