Actionable insights

You’ve probably heard that data is the new black, but what about insights?

We believe that insight is the key to delivering dynamic, relevant and welcomed communications and services to your customers.

Delivering insights has traditionally been an offline process, something that happens as a project. Today however leading companies are delivering insight into customers, segments, sales and operations live. Shaping offers in real time.

Insights that are delivered live require evolving functions within systems. We provide one platform, and one single view of your consumer, enabling you to track what they do, when they do it, how often they do it and by what medium.

By providing this true clarity to marketers we enable you to continually build targeted and relevant campaigns through segmentation and messages to key customers.

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Simplicity Insights

We have developed some informative whitepapers to explain the benefits and efficiencies of implementing a true single view database. These whitepapers have been written by database experts and break down even the most technical of questions into an easy to read document.

Also available for download is our Product Features & Benefits whitepaper which describes in full all of the capabilities of SimplicityCRM.

Finally if you are looking for some great recommendations of how to implement CRM into your social media activity or work well on mobile devices, then download our CRM & Social media or CRM & Mobile Device whitepapers.

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