Consolidate your customer data

A holistic marketing database requires integrating data from multiple systems, matching records to prevent duplicates and maintain a single view.  Simplicity is your single source of truth for customer data.

Simplicity Data Load and Match Rules make integration with any system simple, fast and stable using a variety of real-time and batch import technologies.

These include:

  • Web services
  • XML data feeds
  • CSV data feeds
  • JSON data feeds
  • RSS data feeds
  • Batch filed of spread sheets or text file
  • formats uploaded to SFTP or HTTPS servers
  • Data from Email forms
  • New People from online forms
  • OLE DB
  • ODBC

User defined and standard Simplicity functions are used to translate or transform data from your input format to a more usable format for Simplicity. Standard functions include separating name, phone number and address fields into their components along with casing and hygiene functions.

Simplicity match or single view processing (with Simplicity Single View) is performed in real time, near real time or overnight depending on your requirements.

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