Simplicity fits around you

You don’t need to fit in with Simplicity

When you implement Simplicity, we’re not asking you to throw away your existing technology investments. Instead, Simplicity integrates with your existing systems by creating a ‘single view’ of the customer across all databases.

Many people have come to expect they have to learn new methods and new practices when implementing new systems. With Simplicity, we expect you to keep working the way you are now, and we simply provide you with much better tools, to do a much better job and much more easily.

One size doesn't fit all

We don’t expect everyone to implement the same CRM System, and we know that all the people in your organisation have different knowledge levels and different functional requirements. Therefore we present you with the Simplicity solution that meets your requirements large or small.

What we have designed, built and continue to manage is a solution that is small and smart enough for now, but then extends as your needs and your customers needs do.

Our teams understand technology, marketing, and overall business requirements involved in a full customer relationship management program. We have a breadth of knowledge and experience that makes us unique in the market place, it is however our technology which truly sets us apart.

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